Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Jam packed kind of day!

we had a busy morning.
Main lessons were completed .Jasmine wrote more about Columbus' voyages.summer studied Egyptian food and farming and Charlie got on with two more paragraphs for his months of the year block.
My help was mostly required with Gypsie. After completing a page on colour wheels in her main lesson book She did two experiments. The first was making a secondary colour wheel in to a spinner . when spun very fast all seven colours merge and you see them as white.
The second experiment was to create a rainbow using a tub of water with a mirror at a 45° angle half submerged at one end. she shone the torch upon the submerged part of the mirror and we discussed the way that the light reflect at slightly different angles resulting in a rainbow.
Gypsie spent a long time writing up methods and conclusions in her main lesson book and before we knew it it was time for lunch.
once we were all fed and watered the kids all went off in different directions. summer chatted to friends with reborn dolls on line, Gypsie gave Eva a tattoo using a kit she got for Christmas and there was some dancing too. Charlie used the computer briefly and then watched some cartoons.
Jasmine used this time to bake a cake for her cousins birthday tomorrow !

summer then decided that she would make her cousin some shortbread as a birthday gift. After that we headed out for a walk to the shop . we purchased a new magazine that teaches all about the body . The first issue contains the bottom and front of the skull. upon returning home the children got on with some craft kits that id got in the post today from the Baker Ross website. summer made a foam cupcakes purse and Jasmine and Charlie opted for mini owl cushions ! This evening Jas decorated her cousins cake.Im pretty sure little Tegan will love it. xxx

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