Friday, 31 January 2014

Always a reason to celebrate .

Dispite most of us still being a bit off colour, these past two days have been a lot of fun.

Yesterday morning the kids worked on there main lessons ( charlie finished his maths calendar block, summer wrote about mumification , Jasmine finished writing about Columbus and Gypsie made and wrote about a pin hole camera ) and then after lunch we headed off out to my sisters to celebrate my nieces birthday.
Its the first time we have all needed to go.out as a family in the car since Robbie birth and unfortunately we can no longer all fit in our car! This ment Jasmine had to catch the bus, but she wasnt alone as one of my other sisters were with her.....Time for us to get a mini bus perhaps !!!!!

Well , we had a lovely afternoon, chatting , playing party games and eating cake.I hope my niece enjoyed herself as much as her guests. I cant believe Shes five already .

The children have worked hard this week on their lessons and today was what we call "free day Friday "..... A nice slow day has been spent with them dipping in and out of various crafts.
Mostly of a Chinese new year theme .calendars have been decorated (Charlie drew a soldier on his) butterfly adorn the kitchen window, Porcelain dragons have been painted, paper lanterns folded, glitter globes, and more.Gypsie was inspired to draw a picture of a lantern after looking through one of our books.

To finish off our Chinese inspired day I made us all a chow men for our dinner this evening .Its been a great couple of days, now if we can just shake of the lingering germs that would be totally amazing.


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