Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Geometry, bears and of course there was cake!

we started back on our geometry lessons today  the lesson focused upon drawing a square inside a circle. There was a bit of frustration as its actually much harder than it looks .

After creating a lovely cover page and a map showing Columbus' s routes yesterday  Jasmine spent a while today looking at his first voyage.

Summer looked at hieroglyphics and ancient  Egyptian fashion.

Gypsie experimented with light. We darkened a room and used chalk and baby powder to view a beam of light from a torch .

Charlie wrote out a couple of paragraphs for his calendar lesson block.

summer made some lovely hommous and salad wraps for lunch and then Jasmine baked the most delicious malteaser cake .

Continuing our bears and deep hibernation theme for the little ones i made up some  salt dough this afternoon. I added cocoa to make it look like mud or poo depending on how immature you are!!!
Then Jasmine and i helped Charlie and Eva make bear prints by pushing there feet in to the dough and adding claw prints . we read a little about the similarities of bear and human foot prints and then Charlie decided he wanted to make some bear poo. You know your a home educator when you Google bear poo to find pictures for your seven year old!

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