Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent day two 2013

We have had another great day today.

Late last night I chalked up our board with a st Nicholas verse.

The activity suggestion in our advent calendar was to slice and dry some oranges to make Christmas decorations . Gypsies and summer did the slicing and our house smells beautiful now ...they are still on the oven as I type.

We also found a message written on the lounge mirror .it read " I miss the north pole ...find me somewhere cold.....Alfie xxx" It would seem poor Alfie is home sick. Summer discovered him in the freezer.
They decided to make Alfie more at home by making him his own north pole on white Styrofoam trays with lots of stuffing as fake snow and silver glitter. I'm sure he feels much happier now!

Charlie and I read a St Nicholas story called  'Little Piccola' and then he drew a picture from the story of a swallow in a wooden shoe.

Gypsie studied the legacy of Jesus . We read about how you would go about becoming a priest or a nun and she wrote out a nun quote from Mother Teresa.

"If we were humble nothing would change us,
neither praise nor discouragement .
If someone were to criticise us we would not feel discouraged .
If someone would praise us we also would not feel proud."

Jasmine has moved on from the reproduce system to the respiratory system.
She wrote out some biblical quotes for hand writing practice and drew and labeled a diagram of the lungs .

Eva was at the table drawing and spent a while dancing with summer who was stretching , doing the splits and general putting herself in what looked like very uncomfortable poses .

We ate lunch and then the health visitor arrived an hour earlier than I expected .she therefore was greeted with a  "hello come in ,sorry about the mess !!!"  As we all scrambled about the lounge picking up stray noodles and crisp! Just to add to the chaos my grocery delivery arrived minutes after she sat down.Lucky for me the girls were very helpful and packed it all away for me.

Anyway the health visitor left having written in her notes that Eva was thriving and has grown in confidence. And that I was expecting my sixth baby (had to correct her as she thought it was our with) in five weeks time but although full of cold I was otherwise well . I agreed that she could do babys check ups when he or she is born . I told her outright that we co-sleep and I intend to tandem feed Eva and the newborn . It wasn't met with any concern .

This afternoon we went on a long walk through the lanes down to the harbour ,where we enjoyed a drink at the cafe and a chat with a swan. Apparently Charlie and summer recognise the number on the tag round it's leg and its the same swan they named Taylor (after the singer Taylor Swift ) back in the summer months !

It was a lovely afternoon.

Now this mummy is very tired as is Eva who fell asleep around seven on the sofa!


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