Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Advent day three 2013

Today I'm suffering from the cold the  kids had last week... So kind of them to share !

We woke to find Alfie the elf had spent the night rolling down the stairs in the middle of a loo roll. Charlie was very amused by this.

Today advent activity was to go on a Christmas scavenger hunt.
Ordinarily id have printed off the sheet id seen on the nature detectives website but the computers and printer was refusing to behave so I ended up getting frustrated and opted to write it  out instead.

After lunch we headed out up the lanes on a similar but shorter route than yesterday . Charlie enjoyed finding all the different items. Evie enjoyed getting a push on summers bike and scaring the life out of me as I tried desperately hard to keep up with her as she ran up n down the paths.
Jasmine mainly sucked in true teen age fashion and Gypsie was just happy to tag along.

We also visited mum for a drink and for me to scrounge  paracetamol for my banging head.

On returning home jaz and summer put up the net of Christmas lights in their bedroom window and Gypsie and summer have made a start on making  some jam jar snow globes .

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