Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent day one 2013

Well today has been fabulous. (I ll not count the fact I have a whacking great bump protruding from my forehead due to a comedy incident with a rake )

With the exception of Eva , the kids all had a good lay in as they were shattered due to three very later than usual nights because of summers show performances . When they woke they headed straight for the advent calendar . This is the third year running now that we have used my home made felt stockings . Each one is numbered and contains a chocolate each and an activity idea.
Charlie helped me stuff each tiny stocking with five chocolates last night and then i wrote out and then inserted the activity ideas in to each stocking this morning before the older ones woke.

Today activity suggestion was to put up the  decorations , make an advent wreath and advent spiral bread.

Summer helped make tge bread, jasmine and summer helped light the candles and we all enjoyed eating it.The spiral bread has become tradition in our home now. A spiral loaf illuminated by 24 candles guiding you to the centre . I count to three and the kids all blow out the candles together and make a Christmas wish. we actually really struggled with this part as a certain little lady really likes to blow out candles....ha ha.

We decorated the lounge together although Jasmine didn't want to help as she sat texting, arranging to meet up with friends this afternoon .

We had a special delivery today too. A tiny parcel from the north pole was found in the letterbox . It was addressed to the Watson Lake household. Inside Charlie found Alfie , the cheeky  elf that came to stay with us last year and a little tiny letter too.

This afternoon my brother and sister in law visited , they played leg and made a fuss writhe rabbit with Charlie , gypsies and summer .

We have just enjoyed a Sunday roast ,that Charlie helped prepare ,followed by some delicious mince pies and flap jacks which Gypsies made . This was all enjoyed as we watched decadent candle slowly burn down.

Well right now I'm spending a few minutes with my feet up before seeing to the animals ( hopefully not treading on any rakes ) clearing away the dinner stuff and bathing the wee ones. Buy which time Jasmine should be home and she has requested a cozy night in the lounge sipping hot chocolate in front of x factor with the Christmas lights atwinkling .....I can't say no to that can I.


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