Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Advent day 11

Today we woke to Alfie the elf swinging from the children's bedroom door handle from a cute mini paper chain.

Id cut some patterned paper in to strips late last night, (think midnight...yawn!) as gypsies asked if she could make some.He must have been watching me and fancied a go.

Today advent activity was to deliver Christmas cards to our neighbours . Seemed like a bit of a long shot as id only written one and gypsies , Charlie were not intending on getting dressed.  But I sat and wrote them this morning and Jasmine delivered them this afternoon .

Summer spent a while making paper chains with Gypsies this afternoon and she also made a candle in a small glass from scraps of wax from tealights and some coloured bees wax.she also made some cute little Santa hats from strawberries dipped in white chocolate.

Jasmine has been give some duck eggs from my mum and dad and she put them to good use in a mickey mouse chocolate fudge cake.

My nesting instinct has had me cleaning down the hall and kitchen walls and skirting boards and i got a lot of help with that from Evie as she followed me closely with a spray bottle and cloth.


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