Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Advent day 10

We have had a good day today.

we woke to find Alfie the Elf sat upon the kitchen table .He had taken all the necessary items from the cupboards for us to make some cone Christmas trees.

I had made lists of things i needed to sort out .Things i needed for the home birth, things i needed for the baby ,things i need incase i need to go to hospital and Christmas  gifts that needed to be brought.

i thought id tackle all of this online and was pleasantly surprised to find my Tesco club card points covered the cost of all the baby essentials.

Once id ticked of all but two items that im still dithering about on my lists, i got the kids room tidied and the kitchen clean, sorted the drying and washing and put dinner in the slow cooker. The children had been happily amused all morning , using the wii , doing puzzles and playing .Oh and Evie gave herself a make over with summers lipstick .

we ate lunch and then i set up the  table for them to make the Christmas tree cones. My sister knocked at the door just in time for her children to join in with the fun too. Summer especially impressed us with the details on her trees. Everyone had a great time decorating and eating !

Charlie and my niece and nephew also enjoyed playing in all the leaves out on the drive. picking up handfuls and throwing them and kicking them too.

Jasmine went out for a walk around the village with my sister just before dinner.

Gypsies has found a new game online that shes enjoying and summer has been happily playing on simms , where she has made our family.

This evening Charlie remembered the activity in today advent stocking was to make mince pies. I oiled the tray for him and he made the pies all by himself . They taste as good as they look.

We  had hoped to watch a Christmas film today but we have simply run out of time....
still there is always tomorrow !


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