Monday, 9 December 2013

Advent days 8 and 9

Elf appears to have lost his cheeky streak, we are presuming he must feel poorly and has maybe caught our cold. we think it must have made him feel very tired because he's not been moving at all at night.

I do hope he feels better tomorrow , in fact i hope we all feel better soon.

yesterday was a really lazy day. we watched films, and read and used the computer. Jasmine went out with friends though .

Today we have had a funny kind of day. Lots of fun but Charlie hasn't been his usual happy self. At one point I sent him upstairs to calm down after he threw a box at summers head. I don't even remember ever sending Charlie to his room. He was upset and barricaded himself in and even refused to come and eat lunch .
He has been sulky and upset a lot , we have chatted and has a bonfire together, just us two! I'm hopping its just this cold getting to him.

The older girls have been playing drawing games together and right now they are all sat up in bed designing there wedding dresses having just watched don't tell the bride.

Summer and Jasmine did a blind folded taste test on each other. They were very amused to be feeding each other teaspoon of foods they knew the other wasn't keen on. It was all very funny and light hearted.I have no.idea why summer thought upon tasting coffee sauce that she was eating butter though!!!

We have finally set up our Jesse tree .And we will at some point have a  discussion about the history and meaning of the ornaments.

We went up to mum this afternoon to see my sister as she celebrated her sixteenth birthday! The girls took her some home made gifts and cards . We all enjoyed some cake and The kids enjoyed playing with the
dog , chickens , ducks and rabbits.
Jasmine even let her grandad brush all the knots out of her hair, just like he used to brush my hair for me when I was little.Jasmine really ,really ,really hates having her hair brushed and has now vowed to herself that she will brush it every morning and evening . She's just come down to say goodnight and asked me to plat it for her.

Must dash now as Eva is waving a book under my nose and shouting "reeedy booook "


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