Saturday, 8 October 2016

Struck down by the poorlys

This week has mostly been spent reading , baking and completing pages from new maths books .Unfortunately the children have all had a really nasty cold .A week on they are still not 100% .

October is maths month here and I will freely admit I don't enjoy maths and that's putting it nicely ! So I've resorted to maths workbooks with just a sprinkling of Waldorf style lessons .

I also came across  this fun activity book "This is not a maths book" on Amazon and knew at once it would be a hit with the kids .

Eva had actually completely her while workbook within three days and has delighted in showing all the finished pages to her daddy and her grandad .

We received a beautiful package to lift the children's snotty spirits one afternoon . We took part in our first ever Waldorf swap .The theme  was Autumn . We sent the beautiful Nicola and her family a dragon candle holder, some gnomes and forest folk,incense sticks and herbal tea. ( I forgot to take a photo ) The children were delighted to find a guardian of the moon gnome, window star, verse and bath tea in the package we received . We have really enjoyed the swap and would love to do it again.

Jasmine baked some delicious cinnamon twists , summer has baked bread , cupcakes and biscuits and a batch of tomato ketchup and Paul has taught  Gypsie how to use the coffee machine to make the perfect frothy capachino .

There's been nerf gun fights, Lego ,Xbox gaming , puzzles,YouTube watching and I have had time to make a couple of Christmas stocking gifts, sort through all there toys and pack away all the summer clothing while the kids have been playing .

Tonight Eva , Jasmine and I when for a cycle around the block , Eva's idea . After pretty much a full week of being indoors it was nice to get outside despite the rain on the way home.

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