Tuesday, 4 October 2016


We have had a great September. (also known in our home as epic birthday month)
My rather huge main lesson block rotation schedule has been stuck to.
 My beautiful firstborn daughter,Jasmine has turned 16.

 Eva is now 5 and is therefore mandatory school age, oh yes and I'm now another year older and wiser (maybe) too!

This year jasmine is once again taking control of her own education . she's so motivated that she also has her very own home school planner hung besides her bed ...oh yes we are most certainly both Virgo girls!
Over the course of September she has completed an open university course " Introduction to public leadership" and is using ISL's website to keep her maths up to date.
She has also been crafting some gorgeous candles using a Stockmar kit she received for her birthday.

Gypsie and summer have completed a biology lesson block. We are using extracts from Charles Kovacs book "Muscles and Bones"to make some wonderful main lesson pages.

 They also made 3D skull models.

I am also working on a project with Gypsie and Jasmine about Influential Woman.We are using the book " The Heroins Club" as inspiration for our study.
 The plan is to look at one woman each month.This month we looked at Emilia Earhert.

Charlie has completed his first " Animals and Humans block" using the book "The Human Being and the Animan World " by Charles Kovacs.

He has been filling the pages of his main lesson book with information and beautiful drawings and paintings .

 He also made a very cute clay model hedge hog.
So far he has studied cuttlefish,seals,snails, mice,red deer, hedge hogs, Eagles, elephants and horses. He has really enjoyed it and we will continue with these animal studies again in November .

Eva was so very excited to start home schooling this year. As I type its 8am and she's got her head in a maths book even though she's poorly !
I'm using Waldorf essentials Grade 1 with her this year .
I know that technically this is a year above where she would be and its not very Waldorf to hurry her academically but feel she's ready .
So far we have practiced letter M with the story of "simeli mountain" (All story's are by Brothers Grimm), Letter V  with "The Vagabonds" and the letter T with the story of "The three little men in the woods" .She's also done a little bit of form drawing as well .
we have a beautiful set of Grimms alphabet cards to play with that i recently brought from Myriad, they are so beautiful to look at i was drawn to the gorgeous illustrations as soon as i saw them and am saving my pennies up for the number set next.

She and Robbie have also been enjoying some autumn themed crafts.


Of course one of my most favorite parts of Waldorf Education is the celebration of festivals . And autumn festivities are focused upon letting the light inside us override the darkening days.
 We celebrated The Autumn Equinox on the 21st by making an apple print banner on some hessian squares and went foraging besides the beach for apples and rose hips . That evening we enjoyed a delicious apple crumble for pudding.

For our Michaelmas celebrations we told the story of brave st George (St. Michael's earthly counterpart). I was delighted to hear charlie recalling the story of Arch angel Michael casting Lucifer from heaven too, he could remember parts id long since forgotten.

Charlie and Eva made dragon puppets and a mask and of course we made dragon bread too !

Our nature table is looking very autumnal now and Eva and Robbie's tissue paper lanterns look beautiful flickering on the darkening evenings.I'm sure many more treasures will be added as we move through the season .

Its been a wonderful month and I feel so blessed to be able to home educate my children.

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