Sunday, 16 October 2016

More maths, more autumn sunshine!

This week the children are all feeling much improved .

Gypsie, Summer and charlie have continued to use the maths text books every day and they have been getting at least two pages done. They have studying various topics , percentages, mean,median and mode, area, weight,algebra and probably more that I can remember right now.

Eva and i have contued with the waldorf essentuals corse .
We have read The fisherman and his wife and 
The lambkin and the little fish.

We also listened to an audi version.She drew pictures and summerised both storys.

Eva, Charlie and i also made some life cycle wheels .
An idea from The 
Curriculm of love .

Jasmine has continued with her online maths course.

The weather has been rather beautiful which has meant some garden time. Monday afternoon was spent trampoline jumping, cloud watching (we spotted a magnificent dinosaur )and some potion making! (sand,rose petals, grass and dandy spider legs or eye of newt)

We went for two clifftop walks so that we could see the horses, sheep and cows who's field line the footpath.

Charlie and summer have been spending afternoons at there grandad pats (Paul's father) .Pat has given charlie a little sailing boat and charlie has spent many an hour sanding it down.

Summer has been cooking for her grandad. She has made him two shepherds pies and some cupcakes.

Summer had an optician appointment on Thursday and unfortunately her eyes are worse so she will be getting stronger lenses and is excited to be getting some contact lenses shortly for when she's trampolining , dancing and performing gymnastics.
She also took the opportunity when she was out of the village to shop for some kitchen utensils for her grandads house.

Yesterday I spent all morning working in the garden .I took apart some pallets (not the easiest of tasks) and charlie was eager to help me assemble a raised bed . Its now located at the bottom of the garden and almost full of our home made compost which mainly consists of chicken and rabbit poop and animal bedding .
I aim to get at least three more made up within the next few weeks.

Iv moved our nature table to the opposite side of the lounge and have set it up with a Halloween theme .

This afternoon Eva made the cutest little felt pumpkin.

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