Saturday, 20 August 2016

Hello ....its been a while !

Well hello there ...remember me?

This post is really just a quick one to say I haven't forgotten this place exists.

This year has been a very bumpy ride. Mum and dad have both been unwell (dad very seriously so ) they both have spent time in hospital and they obviously have taken priority over anything else .
And I didn't want this little blog to turn from documenting our home school life to me moaning and winging about how rubbish life had been.

Life continues on and we all just carry on muddling through ....and fortunately they are both much better now .mums absolutely fine give or take a few symptoms and dad is adapting to his new lifestyle with a colostomy bag and a diagnosis of diabetes.

We are busy making plans for our new home school year.
I am currently working on a big paper planner of lesson block schedules and weekly plans. So far I have Eva's and Charlie's all planned out and am working out with the older girls what they would like to do .

Eva will reach mandatory school age as of September and she's most excited to start home school.

So ...yes ...we are still here ...counting our blessings and muddling through !

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