Monday, 17 October 2016

Felt pumpkin tutorial

These little pumpkins ares so easy to make and they look so cute on the seasons table too.

Eva , who is just five only needed a tiny bit of help.

You will need,
A circle of orange felt ( ours was 12.5 cm in diameter)
A couple of felt leaves ( i cut a pattern free don't need to be fussy for this simple project)
Orange embroidery thread
Rice for the filling ( you could also use wool or acrylic stuffing)

First take your thread and sew a running stitch all the way around the orange felt circle about 0.5 cm from the edge.

Next, very gently pull both ends of the thread to create a puckering, bowl like effect which forms the beginning of your pumpkin.

Then its time to careful fill the pumpkin.

Pull tighter on the threads to close the top of the pumpkin together.

I added a couple of stitches to the top to keep make the closing extra secure.

The last step is to sew on you leaves with just a couple of stitches.

I think you will agree they look pretty cute on our seasons table . 

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