Friday, 25 March 2016

Construction kits; tadpoles;cinnamon buns;Vikings and more.

Yesterday was a day filled with wonderful self lead learning.

Upon waking Eva and Robbie watched some cartoons on YouTube whilst eating breakfast.They then did a spot of painting; Robbie enjoys mixing all the colours together on a large plate.
After this we headed outside where they swung on the swing and Chased the chickens and managed to catch one for a cuddle.
I gently lifted up one of the clumps of frogspawn in the pond. Eva's been checking it almost daily and was very excited to see that the tadpoles are beginning to hatch. We talked about how they are eating the jelly like sack of the frogspawn now in order to grow stronger and bigger.

Charlie and I spent a long time together building a wooden construction set. The instructions were really difficult to understand; but with persistence and determination we did it! He is pretty happy with the aeroplane and turned the kitchen table into a military base.

The postman brought charlie a new book I'd ordered from Ebay .Charlie is really obsessed with Vikings at the moment and I'm trying to nurture his passion.
This book is fantastic .its packed full of facts and also has activities and LOADS of press out figures including Viking kings and Gods.There's also a Viking longboat to put together.

Later in the afternoon summer had her street dance class which went well despite still being in pain and having her sprained wrist strapped up. she also payed the teacher and got her name put down for a session at "isle jump" the islands indoor trampolining place; which she's very excited about.

Jasmine had baked more amazingly yummy cinnamon buns. And she and Gypsie took some down the road to their Nan.
Gypsie was given some amazing manga drawing books that my sister no longer wanted. so she spent a few hours drawing .

Later in the evening I watched some more cartoons with Eva up in bed. I think one of the cartoons was called "wildernuts" it was great. She watched and learnt all about food chains and in another episode about animal adaption ( it was all about birds beaks) by this point I was actually nodding off so I suspect she took in more than I did !

Yesterday really was a great unschooling day .


  1. I love your posts. I especially like how they demonstrate that unschooling is about as far away from not bothering as you can get. Also about as far away from school as well.

  2. Thank you so much . its nice to know my waffling on resonates with others out there x