Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Tuesday's waffling

Today started with a knock at the door at 8:30 by my dad.
To cut a long story short he had an issue which involved making a phone call or two .And as he's hard of hearing he needed my help.
Anyhow two hours later and dad went off home a bit happier and less stressed out.

After that we headed off to the post office with more orders for my NYR customers. We also had a browse around the charity shop.
Summer brought a foil art set;Charlie chose a wooden plane kit and Eva had got a magazine In the shop while I was in the post office que.

After lunch Gypsie;Charlie and Eva headed to the park for a while.

Later we headed up the road to see how mum was doing and if we could help with anything.

Charlie had a friend round to play in the garden before dinner this evening... they made believe they were Vikings and built up the  campfire that's a permanent feature in our back garden.

These past two days have been a bit of a blur to be honest .I'm hoping for more chilled ones ahead.

I'm already looking forward to breakfast because Jasmine has baked overnight cinnamon rolls!

Goodnight xxxxxxxx

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