Monday, 21 March 2016

Busy busy day

Wow today has been pretty non stop.

After visiting to post office to send out some orders to my NYR customers we headed straight out the back to get on with the jobs in the garden.

With a little bit of help from Eva and Rob I planted peas and Parsnip; carrot and beetroot seeds in the freshly dug bed and we filled trays with our home made compost (from the big compost bin mostly consisting of chicken poop) and planted our sunflower; cucumber; pepper; tomato and pumpkin seeds.

we spotted our first butterfly and ladybirds of the year which robbie was very happy about.

Charlie was playing a game of Vikings which lead to discussions about weapons and weather there may or may not have been war songs when they were fighting ???

We still have lots more to plant but we were feeling hungry by mid day so headed in for lunch.

After we had eaten Gypsie did a wonderful job of clearing up (no prompting or asking involved ....she's a god sent) whilst Rob napped on  me and Eva and Charlie played Teraria (a game similar to mine craft from what I can work out) and watched sponge bob square pants.

We had to have a quick T-shirt change prior to heading up to mum n dads as the post man brought some tops I'd ordered for the two youngest .
Of course these skull and cross bone tops inspired a make believe pirate game.

Mum is recovering from an operation at the moment so we are trying our best to take good  care of her .

I hoovered and had a bit of a tidy and a cuddle or two with my gorgeous nephew and was taken down to dads veg garden and given strict instructions on what;how and when to water his plants and open and shut the green house doors while he's away over the next few days. All the while the kids played with  mum and dads dog and rabbit and hugged there nephew and Robbie high fived nanny and grandad over and over again.

On returning home I had missed a parcel containing much needed stock for my NYR business ( so had to head back down to the post office !

Then of course there was dinner to make ; a chickens wings that needed clipping; a kitchen to tidy more orders to wrap ready to post and little ones to bath....

Right now Summer and I are having a shaytards marathon (one of our favourite families) whilst Eva is dressed as princess Anna and robbie is being a prince from frozen.

There hasn't been a dull moment all day .

I think I will sleep well tonight given the chance.

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