Sunday, 20 March 2016


We have had a good weekend .Nothing extraordinary but simple and wonderful none the less.

The kids have been happily engaged in various activities and it seems to have really flown by.

On Friday night summer slept around a friends house . Summer's hosted many a sleep over at our house but this was her first time staying out all night.
She had a great night and I'm glad she enjoyed herself.

Saturday was mostly taken up with packing away groceries;tidying and having mum visit for a cuppa. The kids also spent some time at the park.

On Saturday evening we celebrated Earth hour .A global event in which all non essential electric is turned off.
From 8.30-9.30 last night we all enjoyed an hour of candle light. We huddled together on the sofa; enjoyed a story chosen by Eva; made up spooky stories and had fun making hand shadows.It was so relaxing that Eva and Summer had both fallen asleep before the hour was up!

Today i made it my mission to finish digging over the veg bed .I worked solidly for just under three hours and was joined by a child or two now and then.
I had a very interesting and in depth conversation about vaccinations and how they work and why people chose to vaccinate or not to vaccinate their children. And a not so in depth conversation with Eva about male and female hens.

I can't wait to start planting our seeds and I expect the little ones will want to help out....and now I have my fingers crossed for some more spring-like weather in the run up to Easter.

I hope u all enjoyed your weekend too xxx

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