Saturday, 18 July 2015

Summer reading challenge and national trust .

We have been biking around again these past couple of days.

Yesterday we rode into the village to ask local hairdressers and bar and cafe staff to display my business cards and leaflets in there shops,we also needed a few bits from the shop and to visit the library (bearing more catalogues and business card's) and heritage centre .

Eva and summer both signed up for the library's Summer Reading Challenge. They need to read 6 books over the next 6 weeks .collecting sticker and prizes at each library visit. . This years theam is record breakers.

Charlie and Eva love the heritage centre. We were lucky this visit to have a lovely chatty lady who was the volunteer. She answered lots and lots of questions from a certain inquisitive eight year old.About the second world war,maps, weapons and much more.

We cycled through the lanes home and took a detoure down to the green at Lane End Beach and along the sea wall.

Today Jasmine whent straight from her paper round and out for the day to help my mum in my brothers shop.
She was quite proud that she was left in charge for a few moments whilst mum nipped out to get them some lunch.

Summer ,Eva and I walked just round the corner for a craft fair. There were many beautiful hand made items .My girls were happy with there apple flavour candy floss and we chose to bring home some that was banana flavour for Gypsie, Jasmine and Charlie.

We had a little browse in the charity shop and found a bargain or two before strolling back.

Summer suggested we all go out on another bike ride and take a pic-nic.
I was happy to oblige and with sandwiches made and a quick stop off to buy drinks and snacks we headed to the windmill.  (Gypsie decided to stay home and enjoy some peace and quiet...a rarity in our home)

We explored the fields and watched a few aeroplanes take off and come in to land (I pretended to enjoy, scared to death!) Then enjoyed our lunch before going in to the mill.
The national trust staff member had issued us with 50 things to do before your 11 3/4 scrapbooks and a hunt the millers activity leaflet. Hidden inside the mill were six members of the  miller family ,upon finding them you had to write down their names ( i think Mill I Am and Miller King Tyre were my favourites )and summer entered a competition to design your own Miller we decided to call hers Mill-ificent !

Robbie made light work of climbing all three sets of narrow stairs to the top of the mill and fortunately for me a very kind man offered to carry him back down to the ground floor for me whilst I helped Eva who over dramatically insisted she was going to fall and die.

Charlie Eva and summer really liked useing a hand quern to make flour.They loved the process of grinding the wheat several times to get it to finer and finer particles.

We took a walk through the woods where we were we were chased by imaginary tigers and cheetahs and picked up leaves and sticks and stones.

We rode back home and were all pretty much happily worn out (Robbie was actually out for the count in the bike trailor pretty much as soon as I'd strapped him in)

I wonder what fun tomorrow will bring !

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