Monday, 20 July 2015

Rain ,rain go away!

My morning started in a far from relaxed fashion
At 6.59 there was a loud bang at the door and our neighbour informed paul our rabbit was hopping round his garden.
Cue summer and I jumping out of bed and straight in to action .
I did manage to catch her pretty quickly though so that was a bonus!

Its been raining on and off pretty much all day.I can hear the pitter pattering of the rain drops now as I type....  so its been  an indoorsy kind of day.

I spent a lot of time making sure robbie didnt fall off the lounge windowsill or pull the blinds down .(well he managed once)
I moved the t.v. and cabnet out of the bay window and into the corner of the lounge yesterday in an effort to stop Robbie going behind and playing with plugs and wires.....epic fail....he now uses the toy kitchen to climb on to the big wide windowsill!

We haven consumed chocolate cookies made by Gypsie.

Nanny came by for a cuppa and happily fulfilled Eva's story request.

Train tracks have been played with.

Xbox has been played on.

Netflix has been watched.

Loom band creations have been made.

Gypsie took Eva for little walk on the beach and she was delighted to find a big shell and hold it up to everyone's ears so we can hear the sea.

This evening I helped Charlie make some gorgeous floating candles.which he lit this to enjoy whilst we watched one of  my most most favourite t.v. program's "New Life's in the wild".

It's been a bit hectic and loud at some points .There's been a few shouts and pushes and crys and grumbles but we have gotten used to being outside in wide open spaces or even just in the garden, and being in all day has been a bit of a shock to the system.

Hopefully the sun will reappear soon .

Let me share the lovely bits with you xxx

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