Sunday, 10 May 2015

Playdough and politics

Another week has come and gone and the children have all been immersed in their favourite pastimes.

Jasmine won a watch in a competition a few weeks ago and she asked me to list it on eBay for her. Yesterday it sold and I payed the money in to her account.She happily came in to my bedroom last night with her tablet in hand to show me the fabulous mint green ukulele  shes ordered.
We spoke today about various string instruments and possible others she'd like to try.
She has done two paper rounds this weekend (stepping in for my sister whos sick)with Summers help and they seem to work well as a team,from what they told me .I've herd them negotiating summers earnings and talking about the possibility of taking over the second round on a weekly basis.
She has also been taking some gorgeous photos of her littlest brother.
Gypsie has been working on crocheting a loom band doll and drawing pictures from her tattoo book.
Summer has been signing up to loads of websites to receive freebies after watching extreme scrimpers on YouTube. She's already enjoyed some luxurious face masks and has some wrapping paper,stickers and some whey powder ???? She thinks she will give that to my gym mad brother.
She's been spending time making a collage for her bedroom wall and making and uploading videos to YouTube. She's also put together a swap package for a fellow reborning friend.The "rule" of this swap being that everything had to of been purchased from a charity shop in order to give to those in need.

Charlie and summer have been getting along great this past few days. They have been playing on SIMS together ,making up exercise assault courses in the garden and boxing matches on the trampoline.  (Eva uses the bell from the outside clock and rings every time one of them is knocked down)

Eva has been up to her usual things,drawing ,writing letters (all over a very inportant form, that I stupidly left within reach.And all over my shopping list so it was no longer readable too.),playing, painting,jumping,singing.
She's found a new program to watch. Sophia the first.It makes a nice change from Peppa pig and Doc Mc Stuffing.And she's singing along to all the new songs which is so sweet.
She really wanted some playdough she spotted in the local shop but I don't appreciate having to pay a fiver for a small amount of possibly toxic dough .I persuaded her to help me choose some food dye and we made her some non-toxic dough at home for a fraction of the price and in much prettier colours too.

Robbie has mainly been climbing on things and loosing things (mobile phones) and pulling the knobs of the cooker.Putting nail varnish pen behind his ears and sticking the Hoover tube to his face ,love bite style!!!!
He also seems to think there are Fisssssssh (fish) in the kitchen sink .He's most definitely getting his bodies of water confused!
He calls summer Zuuuu zuuuu  which is ever so cute.

On Thursday it was the general election (less said about the result the better ) I took Summer ,Charlie,Eva and Robbie with me to the local poling station.I told them they had best wait outside.when I came back out they seemed so disappointed that they had not been able to go in.
So I popped back in and explained that I home educate my children and asked If I could bring them in for a quick look.
There was no one else there so I was able to show them the whole process,what the ballot papers looked like and such like.
Charlie questioned the lady handing out the ballot papers as to what would happen if some one foreign wanted to vote and they couldn't understand our English ballot papers !!

I'm glad I decided to turn back and take the children in to have a look.I didn't see a poling station untill I was 29.
Charlie kept asking me untill late that evening if there was a new party in charge yet . He looked as disappointed as I was when I said no the following morning.

I ll leave you with some pictures of our week .They may help take your mind of the recent political shenanigans.
These little ones sure keep me distracted!

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