Sunday, 17 May 2015


This week has been full of fun and opportunities to grow and learn.

Monday I took Summer, Charlie, Eva and Robbie to the beach for a walk.They collected stones and shells,skimmed stones,threw stones,investigated a scary looking bone,a crabs leg  and a tiny crab,made their voices eco by shouting down a water outlet and Summer took some footage for her YouTube channel and preformed some gymnastics on the sand.And I ended up carrying home a rather soggy one year old.

Summers also started a new blog.

I got around to re-stringing Jasmines guitar for her with funky rainbow strings,  which she then tuned herself useing her electronic tuning device.

Evas T.v viewing got us all thinking and we looked up what Wassalia was.Apparently Disney decided as Sophia the first is an Hispanic princess she wouldn't celebrate Christmas she celebrates wassalia instead.

Eva spent a while helping me put up the months of the year cards.we counted them together and she decided to put up two rows of six cards.

Tuesday I had to pop out to the post office and The children wanted ice cream. Charlie took advantage of the post office scales to weigh the box of ice creams.And we had a discussion about total weight and nett weight.

We walked back via the grave yard and whilst Eva sat and ate her Cornetto I tended to my Nan and Grandad and sisters grave and Charlie and Robbie decided to water all the flowers.Charlie even watered the newly planted trees.They were all disappointed to see some litter on the ground. I Love to watch them taking care of this public place.

They measured their heights against marks on the hall wall and Jasmine and Summer reported that Robbie and Eva have grown the most since they last took measurements.

I helped Charlie and Eva set up a simple experiment to watch the way in which a runner bean grows.

We also made some cute window transparencies. They look so pretty in our lounge window when the afternoon and evening sun shines through the coloured tissue paper.

On Wednesday we had a nice little visit from "Bob".
My sister takes care of Bob the horse and she can't ride him by our home without him stopping to be stroked ,patted ,fed and generally admired. He is very gorgeous. Eva and Robbie are still a little nervous around him but I'm sure they will grow more confident around him.

It was a beautiful day on Wednesday and most of the day was spent outside.Eva learnt to catch the football and we had a game of piggy in the middle.

I drew up a hopscotch on the drive and we wondered why it is called hopscotch!
Google to the rescue. ..we found out that the scotch part refers to skratching lines on the ground and well , the hopping part is obvious enough!

That afternoon a lovely lady, I had spoken with earlier in the day left a package of card making goodies at the garden gate for summer and she has since made many beautiful greetings cards.

One Evening Paul took Charlie through to the boat storage place where he works.
Charlie had a fab time by the looks of the photos and he learnt all about the levers that control the fork lifts.

Gypsie has spent a lot of her time baking this week.
And Eva and Charlie have been helping to prepare dinner.

Charlie and Jasmine have been playing a lot of GTA both together and separately.

The other night Charlie came in to my room excitedly saying he had seen lights in the sky .Of course it must have been a U.F.O! Anyhow this has lead to a lot of sky watching.

Eva and charlie have been watching Octonaughts together. Charlie is enjoying introducing his little sister to the characters and helping her learn about all the different sea creatures.
Talking of sea creatures paul and charlie watched the first part of the documentary "SHARK" a look at the secret life of sharks.

Pauls also found some more wires to replace the ones we have misplaced for Charlie's Electronics kit.He's had great fun setting up loads of different circuits,making switches work,lights brighter and dimmer and motors run.

Pauls had this weekend off work and yesterday we took a walk up in to the village to book a hair appointment for him. Robbie was not at all happy about being in the pram and I'd not put shoes on he ended up bearfoot walking.
Well we all know earthing is good for you!

Today iv worked so hard in the garden .Eva has helped me plant runner bean and Courgette seeds and plant out the sun flowers.
The others have been fab at keeping an eye on Robbie whilst iv planted out lettuce and pumpkin plants and corn seeds and weeded the veg patch.

Right now we are excitedly watching a pair of bats fly by my bedroom window. (First sighting this year)

I'm never happier than being here at home watching my garden and my babies grow.


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