Sunday, 3 May 2015


Things have been ticking along just nicely here.

Paul had a job offer and is now working at a local boat storage place.He will get his fork lift and power boat licence in the next few months which will look impressive on any future CVs should he chose to move on elsewhere. 

So. .. we have been getting used to daddy not being here and enjoying his company when he has had time off.

There have been many sunny days spent outside .
Walking, gardening, stilt walking, car cleaning,trampoline bouncing and preasure washing the drive way.

Charlie has built a wall, a catapult, camp fires and had much fun with vinegar and baking soda explosions.
He has spent many an hour on the xbox and watching documentaries. (Rino poachers and lost underwater civilizations) 
We have been reading Star Wars books and nature books.
Eva has been writing with dandelion invisible ink.And we have already spotted all the signs of may.

St Georges day and May day festivities have been lots of fun for a certain little lady.
She loved the finger puppets I made her.Apparently we now need a princess for the knight to rescue. 
She noticed a May day cake when I was looking online and really badly NEEDED to bake and decorate one.So we did!

Eva has been really busy actually .Three year olds are little sponges soaking up all the info available to them.she never stops.(unless peppa pig or doc mc stuffing are requested)
Cutting, drawing, painting, writing her name on everything, singing, swinging,dancing,jumping, baking, playing with seasons cards and alphabet magnets have prooved a hit too. I LOVE watching her learn in such self directed manner. 

Gypsie has be mainly baking sponge cakes of the vegan and un-vegan varieties. She created a case for her tablet from loombands and many 3D Iitems. (I m yet to photograph)

Summer has been making YouTube videos .And has earnt her first couple of quid via her channel.
She sewed Robbie a cute little bunny and put together a gift  bag for a friend who's down from the mainland .They have been making smoothies, window decorations and working on a best friend club.

Jasmine has had good news this week.Her art work has been selected to appear on an online Album cover for one of her favourite singers.

Oh , And I had a wobbly moment earlier this week and persuaded Charlie some waldorf inspired lessons would be fun.
We looked at shelter building for a couple of days and then I saw sense.

He wasn't enjoying it as much as me.So on with the autonomous learning!

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