Sunday, 1 March 2015

My beautiful life.♡♥♡

wow ....
I know February is the shortest month but seriously this month has really flown by so very fast.

I was looking through my instagram photos earlier today and i felt so truly blessed.
I have such a beautiful life.I am honoured and full of gratitude that I get to see such beauty around me all the time.
we may not be well off ,we may be squished into this teeny house and Paul is still suffering healthwise and out of work.BUT I'm blessed with the ability to look beyond the material items and the financial situation and see the beauty and the awsome wonder that is in the every day.

My life is abundant in all the things that truly matter. My hands are full with these six babies of mine but my heart is fuller.

My house is fit to bursting but my home is full of life and music and art and laughter.

And incase you want proof ...take a peek. (follow me on instagram I'm Gemmalulupink )

Here's what my beautiful life has looked like over the past week as we  have been counting down days till  Easter, been learning about measurements of days gone by,studied famous artists, made catapults and balancing robots and read many a book .

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