Saturday, 14 February 2015

Living , Loving and Learning this February.

A couple of weeks since my last post and much to report.

And we are half way through February already ! Charlie kindly sorted out our calendar for me at the beginning of the month.

There's been another shift.
Our old rhythm appears to be creeping back in.
There's been more formal work going on but we have also been continuing to bake to craft to play to watch videos together to take walks and to rest.
It feels busier at times but there is more balance.
It feels good.

We spent February 2nd celebrating Candlemas. True to our tradition we rolled beeswax candles and enjoyed a candle lit dinner together.
Summer made an amazing Elsa (from Disney's Frozen ) candle with her beeswax it was beautiful.

We have been reading .Eva has been treated to several magazines and has been enjoying the crafts as well as the stories.

 she has also been listening to me read Angelina Ballerina stories and listening in when I've read some history books to charlie. We have been learning all about what it would have been like to travel aboard  HMS Titanic,and about the life's of pirates also.
Summer has been a real book worm the past few days .She's just finished ' Girl on line ' written by one of her YouTube idles Zoe Sugg  and now shes moved on to 'The fault in our stars'

Summer wanted to know her reading so we used the revised Bert's reading test to determine all their reading ages. All the girls (with the exception of Eve of course )are above there actual age. Charlie Is below his but I'm not worried i trust  he will get there. Just like Gypsie has.I'm thrilled with her ,she has never been a keen reader but she's living proof that without force or coherence everyone gets there when they are good and ready.

It does upset me though that charlie says he cant read.I think confidence is his problem. So i made him a reading tree .I did this for Gypsie years ago too.
The idea being that the tree gets full of leaves ,each one has a word written on it .And each of the words is one that charlie CAN read.
Its a visual confidence booster. I already herd Paul and jasmine talking to him about all the words he can read.

Workbooks have made a comeback too. Maths ones in particular. Jasmines also been doing some past test papers.

iv been helping charlie with a  WW2 lap book.

summer worked really hard on making a life sized salt dough head.she spent days trying different methods. differing the types of tape the layers of foil .

Eva asked for some play dough and has enjoyed making and playing using cutters and such like.

Gypsie has been working on secret projects for mothers day and up and coming birthdays and celebrations .obviously i cant in case family members see!

I printed of some fun valentine worksheets and crafts which summer, charlie and Eva  found and completed.

Jasmine asked for some lined paper rather than using the main lesson books that we have been using  the past couple of years.
I happily obliged and brought her an A4 Lined project book. She's already divided it in to separate subjects and made a
start on some maths and science notes..

Today is valentines day.
i want to wish you all lots of love but not just for today.
For tomorrow and forever more.why should we only focus on love for one day of the year ,seems a bit silly to me.

I intend to keep sharing what i love with you ..... and eating yummy truffles made by my girls !


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