Monday, 2 March 2015

Learning ALL The Time!

Today began with a walk to the shop for myself and my three youngest .

A walk to the shop may just look like a walk to the shop,a hurried chore a normal everyday thing.
Not for us!
For my eight year old It was a lesson in maths and nature study as well as .
He took it upon himself to carry the basket and add up a running total as we got our shopping.
He and his sister ran from flower to flower as they lead me around the block on our way home. They now know what a crocus looks like and Evie still insists upon calling Daffodils Laffodils.

I spent some time helping to assemble some holy week calanders with Charlie,Eva and Summer.
I had intended to keep them for holy week but this way we get to admire them for longer.
So you see...that was art and religious studies lessons

Summer and Jasmine had a walk down to the post office and charity shop later in the morning. Summer needed to post a birthday card to a friend in Denmark and she found a doll in the charity shop that she is painting up or reborning to make her look more life like.
And of course thats more art added to the mix.

I helped Gypsie bake some scrummy cheese scones which we all enjoyed with our lunch .
shall we call this a maths or science lesson ,there was weighing and measuring but also the mixing of ingredients can decide!

There has been yet more baking this afternoon as summer baked cakes and jam pinwheels.

charlie has played on the computer .
That's ICT lessons...right!

And there has been swinging and bouncing ...That can be todays PE!

Oh yeah ,looks like we have it all covered .

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