Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Just winging it

There were no plans for today .
The kids chose there own paths ,they were free to do as they pleased and I was happy to assist should they need me.

We had a bag of clothes that we had sorted out over the weekend to take to the charity shop and my goodness me Evie literally had a SMASHING time in there!!! she acidently knocked a tea pot off a shelf. My initial reaction was to shout her name but it was because I was frightened she may have hurt herself not angry.Her initial reaction was to cry and cuddle her biggest sister.
I am thankful that the volunteers in the shop were only concerned with Evas safety and told her not to worry and although I offered to pay for the tea pot they wouldn't accept my offer.

Jasmine spotted a soap making set and I found myself a dress too and by the time we had got out that shop and into the next to pick up some groceries Evie had forgotten her ordeal.

Charlie didn't come out with us this morning .instead he chose to stay home with Paul and help him with some mechanics.

Gypsie also stayed at home and surfed the internet.

Once back home we all ended up watching Eva's current favourite DVD (Barbie's perfect christmas) with her,mainly because we all love watching her sing and dance along to it.

Summer and Gypsie sewed some felt decorations for our Easter tree before lunch.

After lunch with everyone else busy and RobbIe napping (he needed it too seen as he had insisted I get up with him at 4.45 am)  I could give Eva my undivided attention. She decided to sew an Easter decoration . she did a fab job hardly requiring my input at all.And happily singing "I Dont need any help"

The three youngest girls all spent time colouring in some Easter cards and
later on Gypsie baked some gorgeous cookies and Summer performed a surface tention experiment useing milk,food dye and washing up liquid.

Jasmine made some soap which smells absolutely gorgeous and then she met up with my sister and they went for a walk around the village together.

This evening we were really excited to watch a fox scurrying around the garden. I'm glad the hens are secure!

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