Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Three kings day

We have been celebrating epiphany in our little home.

I gave each of the children three small gifts.To remind them that Jesus recieved three gifts from the wise men.

Yesterday I helped Evie and Charlie make Three kings from some wooden peg people and scraps of felt .They have been proudly placed on the mantle piece and then Summer layed the table this evening (without being asked) and she placed them in the centre around a tea light.We discussed the kings names and pondered just how long it may of taken the them to reach Jesus.

We have done some watercolor and salt resistance work.Tomorrow I plan on helping the children cut up there paintings and  fold them into paper stars.To make our own stars of wonder.

Summer did some handwriting and painting useing The hymn We Three Kings.

I baked a three kings cake which I accidently dropped on the floor.But whilst I was in the bath (feeling a bit annoyed with myself) Summer took it upon herself to bake another.How sweet of her !

Gypsie gifted Paul and I some chocolate which I thought was very cute of her..

Summer and Gypsie really seem to have got in to todays celebration which is really great to see.

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