Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Seeing stars (and squares too)

Today we have been folding  the watercolor and salt resistance paintings that we did yesterday in to beautiful stars.

It is really not as easy as it looks.Charlie and Eva did really well with the folding but when it came to the cutting and the gluing ....well even I struggled.
mind you the finished article is very pretty.its a craft project I'd like to try again one day without a baby reaching out to grab the paintbrush covered in glue.

Charlie and summer both asked for some "work" so I introduced them to squared numbers useing a lesson from grade three of waldorf essentials curriculum.

Eva enjoyed doing some more painting,I think she actually enjoyed stacking up the watercolor blocks more than creating a piece of art work!

We were really happy to get a visit from my sister Hayley this afternoon.She had just returned from christmas spent in Scotland and new year spent in Spain!
We listened as she told us all about her holiday and showed us photos.Eva was especially impressed with the photos from a zoo in Madrid.
she was playing with her Noahs ark at the time ,so hayley was able to show her how big these animals really are.

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