Sunday, 7 December 2014

A festive weekend

We have had a lovely weekend.

Lots of yummy food , crafts,little surprises and making are home glimmer and twinkle.

Yesterday was St Nicolas day.
Before bed the children had left there boots by the front door containing their letters to St Nic.

They woke yesterday to find that the letters had been collected and in there place were some small treats.
New socks,a necklace, a trinket ,tiny colouring book, pencils,a tiny gnome, tiny matchbox nativitys and of course some chocolate!
....Good old St Nic..........

Summer and I baked a St Nicolas cherry pie , in the shape of a crook or candy cane.

We put up our tree too,and the girls made some beautiful paper chains .

Today has seen us adding to the decorations. I helped Jasmine put lights up outside our lounge window and I hung up the gorgeous paper chains. (not an easy task when feeling light headed ...I can tell you)

We also made cute mini gingerbread houses, well they are not really gingerbread at all.They are quick, easy molten milk biscuit houses.The lazy mama's option.

Still...they turned out very sweet!

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