Monday, 19 January 2015

There is always time for pudding (so it would seem)

My blogging is a tad sporadic isn't it?

I'm going to attempt to put that right. I've realised that I will never be a blog every day kind of person.I simply don't have the energy and am occasionally lacking the enthusiasm if I'm to be totally honest.
I'd like to be that blog every day kind of person because then I'm far more likely to include all that we get up to, also what tends to happen is that I leave it too long and have too much to say and don't know where to begin.

Anyway I will from now on attempt to blog every weekend.

So.......lets begin.

On Monday Charlie, Summer, Gypsie and I began to look at bones.We discusses why we have bones and what they are made of.
whilst Charlie worked on cutting and tapeing together a toddler sized skeleton (he named Mr Bounty Bones) the girls made some notes and drew diagrams .Gypsie payed close attention to the diffrent joints within the human skeletal system.

We also spent time looking at how to work out the perimeter of a shape.

In the afternoon we visited my mum and dad and after dinner that evening Gypsie and I tried out a new recipe for rice pudding.
It was really simple (as rice pud usually is) ,but was the best iv ever tasted.
If you want to try it yourself .place 100g of rice in a pan with 1/4 cups of maple syrup (we used honey as we didn't have any) 500ml of coconut cream,a tin of coconut milk,1tsp of vanilla extract and 200ml of whole milk.Then simmer for 20-25 minutes.

On Tuesday Charlie labled Mr Bounty bones .I cut up some pieces of card for him and he used a refrence book to help him spell the words .

Eva and I made a cute little papercreaft skeleton .it may not be anatomically correct but does the job of illistrating how our ribcage protects our heart and lungs.she also wrote her name for the first time !
summer and Gypsie drew pictures of a cross section of bone.
we also took time to look at how to work out the perimeter of a four sided shape.
That afternoon Eva and I spent a little while making a flowerpot hand keepsake craft.she had seen it in the Yellow Moon catalogue and insisted she wanted it.she was quite happy with my home made version and had so much fun that she decided to make one from robbies hand too.

After very little sleep the previous night wednesday was a quiet day.well quietish!
There was baking,scooting,guitar playing, card games and I taught charlie about cubed numbers too.
we headed off up the road to mum and dads after lunch where charlie sat flicking through a shooting magazine with dad.They talked about how to tune the sight and the various parts of the guns.

on friday charlie and Eva did some beautiful watercolour? paintings.There was lots of loud music and dancing to a CD Summer made for Gypsie and Gypsie decided that because she wants to go to the USA one day in future years she would work out some travel costs.
she researched the price of a passport .she also worked out the return cost of boat,coach and plane fairs to her destination .
That afternoon Jasmine tried out a chocolate sponge pudding recipe with chocolate sauce. needless to say it was absolutly gorgeous.(How am I not the size of a house? my girls are such good cooks!)

Charlie was SO very happy on friday because Paul returned home from visiting his sister with a second hand X BOX ! There is no way we could afford a new one but Paul has made an agreement with his nephew to pay him off bit by bit over the year.

Saturday morning was spent with me and Evie doing animal out the hutch and coop and singing old mc donald as we squelched in our very muddy garden.
In the afternoon we walked to the shops where She and Summer each chose a magazine. Eva spotted a bargain playmobile truck in the charity shop too.Seems that will be the best £1.50 iv ever spent as she's not stopped playing with it since.
Jasmine spent saturday afternoon in sandown on the pier in the arcade and bowling.
That evening Charlie snuggled up in bed with me i read him the whole dinosaur safari book !

Sunday we whitnessed Robbie take more steps than ever before.He manages six or seven at a time now before falling onto his plump little bum.He is so proud too,grinning at us all and enjoying our cheers!
Gypsie has been working on a sewing project,summer and Jasmine have been watching YouTube videos and editing photos.Jasmine uploaded a brilliant video that she has been working on all week .she used edits made by herself and other people in an Only The Young fan account on instagram  and has been the leader of a project to create a short video to celebrate one of the members birthdays. its very cool indeed! She put so much effort in to it .
Eva spent a little time doing her magazine workbook and I tackled the meal planning and online shopping.

Leaving Jasmine and charlie at home with paul I took the others down to mum and dads again in the afternoon because my nan and auntie were visiting.
I always think its brilliant that the kids get to see them .Iv never had a great Nan so it seems very special.
A lovely time was had catching up and drinking tea.
Dad's also informed me that he's ordered six blueberry bushes and as he has his foot in a cast guess who's planting them? - No rest for the wicked hey !
I say that in jest .since dad broke his ankle we have been visiting as often as possible and luckily hes only two minutes down the road.we have been trying to keep his spirits up but I feel a bit useless most of the time.At least now I can be of practical help!

I'm unsure what this week to come will have in store.we really seem to be taking a more autonomous approach to our home ed again .
Charlie had me sign up for the Big Bird Watch which takes place next weekend and so iv made sure to order seed and craft supplies with my groceries incase he fancies doing some bird related crafts .Other than that i plan on just going with the flow and letting the children follow their passions.

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