Monday, 1 December 2014

list of advent activities

so .  ..

It's just gone ten thirty and iv compiled my list and written out these activity suggestions for the kids advent calendar.

That's the norm for it all at the last minute. But I have totally surpassed myself this year.oh yes indeed .For tonight is the night of December the first.All this preparation should have been done last night.

Instead I have been apologising profusely to my children and passing the hanging up and filling with chocolate job on to the most willing candidate, Summer.

In my defense Robbie is poorly with a fever and has been needing me almost constantly. so much so that he only allowed me two and a half hours sleep last night.

Anyway for anyone intrested here is my Advent activity list.

(unless a date is specified they are all pretty much any order I decide to place them on the calendar)

*December 1st
Make advent spiral bread (this is a traditional thing in our home summer made a gorgeous spiral loaf )

*December 4th
Today is st Barbara's day.
Lets learn about her and go out and serch for some cherry twigs.

*December 5th
Write your letters to S.t Nicolas. Leave them out in your shoes for him to collect tonight.
perhaps we will read about S.t Nicolas too.

*December 6th
It's S.t Nicolas day
Try to give an anonymous gift.
Bake some cherry pastry candy cane pies or perhaps candy cane biscuits.

*December 16th
It's S.t Lucia day.
Enjoy a S.t Lucia breakfast of cinnamon buns and hot chocolate. Perhaps we will read about S.t Lucia too.

*December 21st
It's the winter solstice.
Is is dry enough to have a bonfire?

*Tonight we will wrap up warm and go out to look at Christmas lights!

*Lets make tissue paper Angel 's
for our Windows.

*slice up some oranges and dry them out on a rack in the oven.

*Lets make stained glass window biscuits, shall  we eat them or use them to decorate the tree?

*Make mini gingerbread houses.

*I think today is a curl up with a Christmas movie sort of day,  lets make popcorn!

*Lets go for a walk and collect some twigs and cones to make in to decorations for our home.

*Lets use the twigs snd cones and orsnge slices to make decorations for the tree today.

*Today we will bake our Christmas cake, everyone needs to give it a stir and make a wish.

*Today we can dip pone cones in wax and sprinkle them with glitter to look snowy and frosty.

*Try hard to preform a random act of kindness today.
You can do a job around the house,take a donation to the charity shop or anything else you can think of to show kindness to another.

*Lets give the post lady a card and gift to say thank you for all her hard work.

*Lets make snow playdough today.

*Lets make a tree for the birds to enjoy with popcorn garlands and fatball ornaments.

*Shall we all enjoy some Christmas stories and some candy cane hot chocolate?

*Today we can have fun painting some wooden decorations with watercolor paint for our Christmas tree.

Im looking forward to all the fun we will have this month and I truly hope I can be better organised too.

Have you got lots of fun activities planned too , I'd really like you to tell me how you celebrate advent in your home and perhaps give me some ideas for next years calendar!

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