Monday, 24 November 2014

Trying to reign in the chaos.

I decided yesterday that we needed to find our rhythm again.

We had rhythm. ..we were all dancing to our on rhythm,which is a good thing.BUT Its kinda hard facilitating three thousand (slight exageration) different activities at the same time.

So im going for the main lesson in the morning followed by freedom to do whatever you like in the afternoon option again.

Im ditching the four diffrent curriculum guides that I was working through with each of the older ones and we will all work together on the same lesson block .I will obviously delve deeper in to the subject matter with the older children than with the youngest.

We have been practically unschooling for the past month or so .But I feel more structure is needed.mainly for my own sanity.

Its gone ok. The older ones had a bit of a moan but they will get over it.

We have started a lesson block about snow.

Today we looked at how snow is formed,the diffrent types of snow snd the seven types of ice crystal that make snow flakes.

Iv also given Eva a new book.
"The story of the snow children" I was saving it for Christmas but today seemed like the perfect day for us to share this book.


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