Tuesday, 2 December 2014

December book basket

I thought I'd share with you the books we will be reading with our little ones over the festive season.

This year we will not only enjoy storys about Christmas ,but,stories of Hanukkah too.
Charlie and I have been looking at jewish festivals this year in waldorf grade three style .

A few books I have brought from friends, a few are charity shop bargains and some are pulled from the book shelf year after year.

we have,

* An Angel came to Nazareth
*Pocket money Christmas
*The first Christmas
*What is Hanukkah?
*All the way to Santa Claus
*On the trial of Jesus
*Make and colour Christmas decorations
*The power of light
*Angelina's Christmas
*The Hanukkah of great uncle Otto
*Make and colour Christmas cards.
*All about Hanukkah
*The Christmas story book
*The night before Christmas (I always read this to the children on Christmas eve at bed time)
*The story of Jesus
*Christmas fun activity book.
*Hurry Santa
*Christmas Angel

I will enjoy snuggling up with my little ones and sharing these books on dull dark afternoons whilst we sip some yummy hot chocolate .

What's your favourite Christmas story ?

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