Thursday, 13 November 2014

Do herons eat little girls?

Yesterday was mostly spent planting daffodils, doing science experiments from a grizzly body parts kit, making window sttars,going through magazines to find homemade beauty product recipes a, sewing , latch hooking and defending our goldfish from a very persistent heron .
Evie was worried that it wanted to eat her at first and then we told her he was only intrested in eating our fish she was actually even more concerned!

Charlie and I netted off the pond in the end and im pretty sure the fish are safe  And thats a good thing seen as iv already seen mr Herron out in the garden today.

They are very large and magestic birds and I dont like to shoo it off but we are also very attached to our fish .

We are also very attached to our three year old ...thank goodness herons dont eat little girls hey!!! Lol

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