Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Toffee apples and rosey cheeks

Another productive morning with Eva helping me to sort dinner in the slow cooker.  We made sausages in onion gravey and once again she made a fabulous job of stirring.

We sat and drew on her mega sketcher together and read a couple of stories and did some activities from her peppa pig magazines.
It used to annoy me that my older children were slow to get up,but now I appreciate having some time with my two youngest in the mornings before the older four wake and I also understand that its actually far healthier to allow there bodies as much rest as needed.

Summer woke up just in time to assist Eva with making a till (another activity from a peppa pig magazine)

Jasmine and I made some toffee and while I made tomato and cheese spirals she made toffee apples and pop corn .

Gypsie continued with her astronomy .Today she was looking at constellations.

Summer was Skypeing her friend and they were both making Guy Fawkes posters.

After lunch we headed out for a walk.once again we ended up at the lifeboat house.we got lucky today and we got to see the whole cleaning and winching process. The volunteer in the boat house was very friendly and talked us through everything that was happening and gave the children some lovely posters.

Back home we warmed up with some hot drinks in front of the fire.we were very rosey cheeked .it was very chilly!

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