Tuesday, 4 November 2014


My goodness me my littlest ones have been lively today .

It was a nonstop kind of morning .Eva helped me prepare a beef and ale stew for the slow cooker first thing this morning.she enjoyed stirring all the ingredients together and attempted some carrot chopping.

Then followed a very loud game of hide and seek whilst I tidied the kitchen.

In an attempt to calm thing s somewhat I suggested we turn some chocolate fingers into sparklers. Quick and easy and yes it was quiet for a few minutes.

Charlie went off to play minecraft for the rest of the morning and I got out some glitter glue for Summer and Eva.Eva created a firework picture and I helped summer cover a notepad which she then decorated .she intends to use it as a planning book for ideas for her YouTube channel.

I headed outside to hang out the washing and was soon joined by Eva and Robbie .Eva dried off the swings and asked for a push and then we all had a good bounce on the trampoline.

Meanwhile Gypsie was busy with an astronomy lesson.

With Robbie having a nap I got lunch sorted and made some rice crispy cakes. After that i helped Charlie and Eva who did a science experiment. (Fireworks in a jar) and crafted some paper fireworks from a kit we got from Baker Ross.

Eva and I took everything of the toy shelf in order to repair it and tidy it too.

Jasmine  and Summer have been learning to play Katie Perry's "roar" together on the keyboard , 

Thank goodness dinner was in the slow cooker....im exhausted.

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