Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween,hospitals and a birthday!

Well this last week or so has passed in a blink of an eye.

Theres been walks ,
One walk lead us to the beach which of course involved running down the pier to see the lifeboat.Evie just has to go along the pier.she loves the pier and climbing up and down the big metal steps more than actually seeing the boat itself.

There has been crafting.
Mainly Halloween and day of the dead related items .
Summer transformed the front door in to a spooky mummy ,made an array of treats for the trick or treaters and roasted pumpkin seeds. I felt rather redundant as she whent about all of this independently.

We all carved pumpkins .charlie and Eva helped me make a fairy house from the solitary pumpkin that we managed to grow ourselves. Charlies main contribution being the oh so cute ladder he constructed from twigs.

There has been pampering when my sister Hayley kindly dyed Gypsies hair for her.

There has been lots of reading and drawing and painting.

Theres been lots of baking and cooking too.

Halloween night was spent trick or treating and then some late night baking and birthday preperation took place.

Saturday was Charlie's eigth birthday  we celebrated with a minecraft themed party. Charlie spent all weekend putting together megablocks , doing science experiments and playing minecraft .I m not sure where these eight years have gone but im quite  certain he gets more and more handsome every single day.

As well as all these goings on paul has had so many medical appointments.He's had three hospital appointments,a nurse appiintment  and  a doctors appointment within the last seven days !
He has finally (after nine weeks) had his cast taken off but is still unable to weight bare. He has also had day surgery to remove some lymphoma s in the tops of both legs. He really is having a tough time.

The other man in my life ,Robbie, has lernt to climb.Hes mastered climbing up on to the gaming chair and can get three steps up the stairs .His latest trick is to walk along pushing the Hoover.

The in joke is that he will be walking before Paul is !!!

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  1. I always love reading what you get up to, such fun filled days :)