Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Autumn has arrived

After such glorious weather throughout September autumn has decided to make her mark.

These past few days have been chilly and wet.Thunder and lightening and big storm clouds have filled the sky .

The light at the bottom of the garden pond still casts a green glow as I do my morning chores in the garden and the hens are in no rush to strut out of there cosy coop.The rabbit looks unimpressed also.

Speaking of hens we added four new girls to our brood today. They are beautiful and once they are more settled I will upload some photos.

Today has mostly been spent  indoors catching up on vlogs , summer loves youtube  both watching videos and making them she has many channels her newest is called " Big family vloggers" and shes been trying her very hardest to get me to make or take part in videos ,i m so shy though but I am trying .I have done some tidying up some hand washing of clothes and erm... I may of had wee nap when Robbie did earlier.

The children have been engrossed in various things. Charlie has been minecrafting, bouncing on the trampoline and watching how to train your dragon.
Gypsie has mostly been drawing tattoo designs and researching tattoo methods.
Summer has been helping Evie make a doll house from a cardboard box .Jasmine has been watching old episodes of casualty on her kindle and at one point attempted to make a paper model of the Globe Theatre as part of her Shakespeare lessons. It was so fiddly though!

After dinner this evening Paul took jasmine and Gypsie with him to Tesco to pick up a few bits and pieces.

Those bits and pieces included chocolate and coffee... so im off to fill myself with caffeine .

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