Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Acorn people,Shakespeare and such like.

Another day is almost over and as I lay here on my bed thinking it over its as though much has been achieved even though I have felt a bit at a loose end ...even (dare I say it) bored at some points!
Thats the trouble with having free thinking, independent children. They dont need me there telling them what to do or giving help!

This morning charlie and I sat together at the table to do some form drawing and his main lesson. We lernt all about Jabel and jubal ( who descended from Cain) . These stories were new to me and it made Charlie really happy to know we were learning together.
I wanted to make up some little cards featuring punctuation poems (To help Charlie learn where to use exclamation marks,  commas and question marks ) and I asked if he would like to use some watercolor pencils to make a nice background for the poems.He happily obliged.  The situation got a tad stressful when Eva decided she needed all of the pencils to herself !

After helping Charlie I walked in to the lounge to find Jasmine and Summer working on there main lessons and that Gypsie had completed a page of maths from a workbook.
Summer had created a title page for a lesson block on Rome and jasmine had written about the characteristics of a sonnet and drawn a picture of William Shakespeare.

Just as I was feeling unneeded summer asked me to go and find a book on roman mythology for her and then I ended up reading aloud the story of Romulus and Remus.

I popped out to the shops just before lunch for a couple of necessary items and we took the opportunity to search the jewellery section of the charity shop for a necklace with suitable wooden beads to make our little acorn people.

The older girls have been doing a lot of drawing today and as usual charlie has been minecrafting and trampoline bouncing!

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