Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Busy mornings ,restful afternoons

Well this week is flying past ...its midweek already.And tomorrow my biggest baby turns 14.

Although Gypsies failling to show any intrest in getting on with anything that other people may refer to as "school work"( she's done a few questions from a maths work book ...) shes been knitting her baby brother a blanket , researching tattoo designs and accompanied her older sister to the park to watch the football. Shes been helping out a lot with her baby brother actually, playing and giving him his lunch and dinner .

The others are still reaching for there main lesson books without any coaxing from me at all.

Jasmine is still working on her maths block.

Summers just gone from local history ( geography, economics, climate of the isle of wight) to studying the uk.

Charlie is reviewing money , he worked from a maths workbook today filling out two pages with no trouble at all.
We have also been reading stories from the Tora.

The weather is still beautiful .So afternoons are the perfect time to lay out a cover on the lawn and soak up whats left of the summer sun whilst watching Robbie attempt to crawl, (He's so close! !! ) play football,  collect seeds,throw waterbombs and look at a book or two.

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