Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A spooktacularly crafty day

Today has mostly been spent making beautiful things and eating yummy popcorn.

Charlie and I read about Thubal-Cain (descendent of Cain) and how he is thought to have been the first blacksmith. Charlie wrote about him in his main lesson book.
We then discussed what sort of tools he may of made and we talked about how building a sentence is similar to building a house. You need your box of tools or your puntuation and verbs .
He drew a cool buiding a sentence house drawing in his book.

Summer has been looking at rulers of Rome and her and her equally immature dad were laughing at Titus dispite my effort to get them to pronounce it differently.

Jasmine spent the morning playing on a drawing app and uploading some  of her beautiful photo's to Facebook for a local photography competition.

Summers been making clay babies from airdry clay .Untill now shes been useing salt dough but she tells me she prefers clay and that it feels just the same as the clay down the beach!!!
Eva got very distressed because she wasn't happy with the small amount of clay summer had given her . To ease the situation I suggested we made playdough.  She enjoys the process of making the dough just as much as playing with it. Today we used food colour gel to colour our dough and we added lemon flavouring to the green dough and peppermint to the purple and pink .We had never used a flavour before and Eva took great delight in telling Nanny that her dough was like chewing gum. (Smelt not tasted )

Gypsie decided to spend time on maths practice this morning and some drawing .

Then after lunch Jasmine asked if we could make some popcorn and then decided to get out some Halloween craft kits that I had ordered from Baker Ross . She was soon joined by summer and later on Gypsie decided to join jasmine at the table too .

They made beaded keyring's a hanging bat,started work on some window transparencies and there was also a spooky melted bead bat,spider and witch... so yeah, the iron got a rare useing!

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