Saturday, 25 October 2014

Saving and exhibiting

Another busy day yesterday!

I have harvested and pickled beetroot that we have grown from seed.
Im very excited by this.

I have BIG plans for the next year garden wise ...

So my little jar of beetroot is just the beginning.

Summer has been doing a whole variety of things to raise funds to purchase a new (to her) reborn doll.
In the past few week she has done a bake sale , sold home made beauty products and some jobs around the home too .
She raised the fourty pounds she needed and requested that I paid it in to my bank account so that I could make a PayPal payment to the parents of her friend selling the doll .of course I was happy to do this for her.
Summer is so fiercely determined to get what she wants and I love to see these plans come together.And of course working out all her finances and bagging up loose change are real life maths skills .who needs text book or a school desk?

Jasmine needed to put a prescription in at the chesmist so she accompanied myself and the two smallest of my brood on our walk in to the village. After going in to the chemist and bank I noticed there was an art exhibition on in the village hall.
Whilst I browsed the art work Jasmine sat at a table with Eva as she created a mini masterpiece that is now displayed upon a noticeboard. I thought that was a really sweet idea!

I brought both girls a portion of chips and we strolled home slowly .we returned in time for a visit from mum (and a very tidy children's bedroom courtesy of summer) and whilst we all chatted and mum cuddled a sleeping baby Eva ,summer and I doodled. Summer is coming up with ideas for Christmas cards and a birthday card for grandad Pat.
Whilst we were all sat around the table Jasmine made a fun and simple firework craft.

Actually come to think of it there has been a lot of crafting this week . We particularly enjoyed making knights helmets , paper plate bugs and PVA chalk spider webs.

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