Monday, 8 September 2014

Sometimes I wish everyday could be a monday.

Mondays seem to be the most productive day of week here.

Charlie  had  painted one of his airfix models , jumped on the trampoline and completed his main lesson before ten am leaving him the rest of the day to do as he pleased. (Minecrafting, painting, football, colour mixing .....)

He really seems to be enjoying the main lessons from the waldorf essentials curriculum so far.
Today we reviewed the symbols for greater than,  less than and equals,  we read a maths gnome story, solved some problems,  read some information about Rosh Hashanah and the creation story and he also practiced some form drawing.

The girls also were keen to get on with there lessons. Jasmine worked on persentages and Gypsie did some addition work.

Summers just began a social studies block and drew and labeled a map of the island and wrote about the climate and economy we have here.

Evie was happy to draw ,play and be read to all morning,  her favourite books at the moment are the wonderwise series.

All our "work"  was done by mid~day.

This afternoon the weather was gorgeous and while I enjoyed the sunshine with robbie and Eva , the others were busy inside.

Charlie and Gypsie painted some wooden photo frames which we intend to stick twigs and acorns to as a fun autum craft project.

Jasmine and Summer made a video to an Ed sheeran song which they unloaded to YouTube.

This evening when we went outside to lock up the hens Jasmine took her camera out to take few photo's of the super moon. 

It was truly beautiful !


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