Monday, 11 August 2014

painting, playing and planning

Things here are pretty much pootling on as usual.

We have spent many hours in the garden .Playing, painting and having fun. Evie is still loving to play on the swing and trampoline singing and dancing to frozen. I am sure my neighbours must think I am mental ...but hey...

We have spent an afternoon or two on the beach. I think perhaps singing songs from frozen all day may actually be affecting me more than I realised .(I am responsible for the sand snow man)

Charlie is spending a lot of time on minecraft .He's been making all kinds of fabulous things inspired by his love of dinosaurs and and his newest passion ....Vikings!

Remember the caterpillars we collected?
They ate lots and lots of nettles and weaved there cocoon's and over the weekend we have released two beautiful butterflies.
This lead to a discussion between myself and Charlie about evolution and metamorphosis.

photo taken and edited by Jasmine
Jasmine got her wages for her paper round and spent some on a week bus ticket and has enjoyed having freedom to rome the island. Shes visited Newport where she had lunch, went to ryde to play football and play in the arcade and Cowes to soak up the Cowes week atmosphere. One day she took gypsie to the fact I hardly saw her.
Which in turn made a whole weekend of her being home all the more special.

Jasmines been working on a 3D sequin art elephant. I think its gorgeous ,especially when the light hits it!

We have a garden full of plumbs and blackberries .Jas and summer weighed out quantities in to food bags and set up a stall out the front.

Gypsie has been mostly tattooing herself using her rio ink and face paints .she has been researching apprenticeships and we have discussed trying to find some work experience too.

Lots of other stuff has been going on, but when you have 6 little ones its hard to keep up..
There's been lots of baking, jasmine made a yummy bean goulash for our dinner one evening too.

Robbies been busy as well, he has gotten three teeth through in the past week or so without too much bother and has been helping me with planning for September.
 I haven't been able to find a curriculum guide as such for Jasmine so I am using a rough guide from here
 And taking inspiration from posts on The Waldorf Way , you can find them here if you so wish.

I will be using Waldorf essentials again this year with Charlie , Gypsie and Summer .Grade four will see us looking at Judaism, im really excited to start our new school year!


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