Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A ranty post

Yesterday started in the usuall way ... Coffee for me,breakfast for Eva and a booby for the baby.... Followed by a nibble on a knorr stock cube as Eva simply refused to except it was not a sweetie.Then a discussion about how birds regurgitate food in to their babies beaks.... This discussion stemmed from me telling her that eating a whole stock cube may make her sick !

Yeah, so just the normal start you can expect when you have a two year old .

I did my outside chores and had some stuff to sort out online briefly before spending time baking cupcakes with Summer, chalking with Eva and being bounced about on the trampoline by them both.
Charlie was busy watching minecraft videos on youtube and then playing minecraft.

After lunch Jasmine headed out for a walk with my sister and once she returned we decided to go and fly a kite.

Well....prepare yourself for my rant.

I can not wait for all the holiday/second home owners to trot back of to there mainland abodes.

I do not have and issue with, torists. We live in a beautiful village and I can understand why people want to take in the sights and fill their lungs with the sea air.I will happily answer the questions they ask and give directions to the nearest bus stop or restaurant .And they are usually lovely people looking for a holiday by the sea.
Second home owners however , well they're a whole different kettle of fish.
They are blooming rude. Que jumping, barging past , loud and obnoxious. I realise thats a pretty sweeping statement but its really how they behave. Like they own the village and have some God given right to park, sit, walk , drive, ride wherever they want regardless of who's in their path.

Hum...yes we were having a splendid time flying our kite on the green untill the group of beach hut owners (none of them.local) decended to have their sack race, tred on my flip flops, allow their dogs to lick my sun bathing sons face and to ignore the fact that they were pooping on the green.

Our trip cut short we headed home . I prepared a chicken curry and bombay potatoes and Jasmine tried out a new desert recipe, chocolate avocado  mousse.

On our walk to the green charlie had found part of a plant that he thought resembled a pen. Once home I gave him a pot of ink at his request and he used a large roll of paper tof make a scroll .He wrote down everyone s names and we talked about useing the tip for fine lines and the edge for wider lines.
He wants to make a quill soon.

After dinner Eva insisted she was a dog and needed to wear reigns to the shop. Apparently she was a girl dog named Brian!

Jasmine and Gypsie went up to the park to watch Bembridge reserves play football and then we were all tucked up in bed by ten thirty... In our own beds too may I add, for a while.


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