Saturday, 26 July 2014

A summers Saturday .

This morning i got to spend an hour or so with Eva. Jaz was out on her paper, Robbie had woken and had a feed before promptly nodding back off and everyone was still fast asleep.

She drank her tea and i made myself a green juice .I know Jason vale the juice master recommends drinking your juice slowly but Evil took it up a notch when she insisted she fed me from a teaspoon!

we read a story and did some counting in a peppa pig comic before heading out to see to the animals .Evie really loves sliding open the door of the chicken coop in the morning .she likes to do everything actually,from filling up their food hopper to collecting the eggs.

once the hens and rabbit were seen to we fed our caterpillar collection some nettles .They are growing rapidly .im happy to see this going well. we normally use a kit brought online to rear butterflies each summer but to save a few pennies this time around we went on a caterpillar hunt and are using a simple ice cream tub !

Evie always watches the caterpillars nibble the leaf shouting "nipple ..nipple ...nipple...nipple " she does give us all a giggle !

we had a good bounce on the trampoline together too before heading in to make her and Robbie some breakfast .

we spent the rest of the morning baking and playing . I offered to take Charlie to a postcard and stamp show thing that was at the village hall.he had expressed a desire to go when we had seen it advertised on a local notice board but he opted for a morning of minecraft  instead.

I helped Eva and Summer bake some vegan cupcakes and whilst Evil licked the spoon i also baked a Jamaica ginger cake.

This afternoon i took Summer , Charlie ,Evie and Robbie down to the beach where we met up with Jasmine and my little sister.
I spent the majority of my time trying to keep Robbie in the shade and watching Evie climb up and down steps.
There was plenty of paddling, swimming and
crabbing to be had by the older ones and some sandcastle building from the younger ones.

Dinner time ran smoothly and we enjoyed a yummy curry .And then i made the big mistake of dashing to the shop for a few bits.I left them all at home with Paul and  returned home to find Evie asleep ....cue World war three ...i woke her .

i woke her for two reasons.
firstly if i let her sleep at six thirty at night she would wake at nine pm wanting to play all night.

secondly, she needed de-beaching .

oh my.....she screamed and screamed and screamed.

she calmed .Then asked for a sandwich and smashed her plate.

she screamed again.

Still....all is calm now ....

I think tomorrow will probably be another beach day.This weather is just beautiful !

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