Monday, 1 September 2014

First day of school , homeschool style.

After a long summer break , a few nights worth of planning and an evening of excited folder and lesson book decorating, today we got back to our waldorf homeschooling rhythm.

Since Robbies birth (Christmas time) we have been mainly unschooling and I really  felt torn between continuing with unschooling or returning to our waldorf ways.
Jasmine specifically asked if we could go back to doing main lessons again , summer still wanted to be unschooled and the other children weren't too bothered either way.

Today has been a success as homeschooling days go.
Summer (who wants to choose how she learns and spends her time) has been as eager to take part in todays plans as everyone else.

Charlie and I enjoyed a circle time based upon families and homes  and then he worked on form drawing and his main lesson . We reviewed the passing of time in a discussion about hours ,minutes and months of the year.  He then wrote out "Thirty days hath September"for handwriting practice and practiced his letter writing techniques after we had read the first part of this year's container story.
He did a great job and considering its been a while since we did any formal learning together.

Jasmine was reviewing fractions, summer began a physics block on sound and Gypsie (after being up feeling unwell most of the night ) began researching Joan of Arc.

Monday is now painting day so this afternoon ,after a visit from mum , friends round to play and a walk to the shop,   I set up the table ready  for our activity. The kids made beautiful autumn tree paintings useing cotton buds.

Summer baked some delicious cakes aswell.

So its been a busy old day. Im hoping that even with a fluey bug lurking and paul in a cast up to his knee , pretty much out of action , I can keep the momentum going.

Im pretty sure I can!


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