Sunday, 13 July 2014


Its been a gorgeous sun shining kind of weekend.

Evie had a friend round to play for a few hours on Saturday and Paul took Gypsie out on the boat .They also kindly returned the over due library books for me.

Jasmine , Charlie ,Evie, Robbie and i went for a walk down to to the beach in the afternoon .
We explored the rock pools , threw weed and stones and Charlie made a "clay man" and found a "dinosaurs tooth".

He also showed a deep intrest in an Old telegraph pole that someone had in their front garden .

Sunday was spent in much the same manner. There was no beach walk but instead Charlie , Eva and i went on a bug hunt.
I made a little bug hunt Set from a collection of glass baby food jars and a suggested list of bugs to find.
We spent a while worm charming and seeking out creepy crawlies whilst Summer skyped friends and the others went boating.

Not to be left out on this boating malarky ,Evie and i made paper boats that lasted about three minutes in the bath tub!

This weekend has wizzed by!

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