Friday, 11 July 2014

This ordinary but beautiful day.

This past month has been a bit hard, actually this last six months has been harder than we are used to.

Children are resilient though it seems.

We have had losses of one kind or another and lots of slow poorly days and quite frankly iv not had the energy or willingness to share these times.


We are blessed, truly and wonderfully .
Looking at what we do have and focusing on all that is good in our lifestyle is a must.

Today has been filled with moments of happiness , moments i do wish to share and remember .

Theres been salt dough cakes, yoga, loom band creations ,minecraft, lego ,trampolining ,dinosaur t.v Programs and iv spent hours pushing Eva on the swing and watching her feed the hens.
There have been vegan cakes baked ,stories read and songs sung . . .

I hope to share another beautiful day with you all soon xxx

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